False/Misused Abuse and DCMA Claim Takes StudioPress Website Offline

False/Misused Abuse and DCMA Claim Takes StudioPress Website Offline

A False, I dare say FRAUDULENT abuse report was allegedly responsible for the complete and total removal of StudioPress.ml AND The Discount Genesis Blog for the majority of January 25, 2017. Little did I realize just how easy it is to get a website quickly taken offline - without any warning or opportunity to offer a rebuttal, and apparently without any investigation in to the validity of the claim, simply by sending an e-mail to a webmaster's Domain Registrar.

Just that simply, with a 2 or 3 sentence email, you can completely destroy a competitor out of malice and cut off their revenue stream. It can be complete fiction, and yet the results will still be immediate and brutal. 

Below, you will find a copy of the email that had my blood boiling all day to the point where I was sweating in a tank top in January ...in Oregon! (Below Freezing Temps, Current Temp. is 27 Degrees Farenheight at my home in Eugene, OR)..


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Your domain name has been cancelled


Freenom Abuse and Copyright Infringement Department <noreply@freenom.com>

Jan 24 (2 days ago)
to me

Dear Ronnie Hokanson,

The Freenom Review Team has visited your website today. Unfortunately
we have to say that today we cancelled your domain STUDIOPRESS.ML.

The reason for the cancellation is that the website address you
used for your free domain name was not accessible or did not
follow the guidelines set in our terms and conditions.

At this stage, anyone, including yourself, is able to (re)register
the cancelled domain STUDIOPRESS.ML. However, upon registration,
an actual working website is needed to complete the registration process.

We thank you for using Freenom.

Needless to say I'm too mad to 

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