Altitude Pro Theme

Altitude Pro Theme

Altitude Pro uses the power of Parallax to present your website in an eye-catching and modern way. It utilizes several widgetized areas on the homepage to create distinct sections which blend seamlessly into each other as you scroll down the page.

altitude pro

Four out of seven of these widget areas feature individual custom backgrounds. This allows you to choose a different image for each area to separate your content into distinct sections. You can forget about adding filters to those images to make the text stand out too. With Altitude pro, your image automatically darkens so that any text appearing over it, is crisp, distinct and easy to read.

Further features include:

  • Accent color styling
  • Custom header logo
  • HTML5 markup
  • Theme options
  • Landing page template
  • Native theme customizer
  • Mobile responsive
  • Footer widget area
  • After content widget area

In addition to these features, each widget area on the homepage is completely flexible, adapting the way your content displays depending on how many widgets you add to the area. This is something I’ll explain a bit later. First, let’s look at the features in more detail.

Beautiful backstretch images

As I mentioned earlier, Altitude Pro’s most startling feature is the ability to add different images to four of the home widget areas. These display behind any text or content you choose to add to those widgets areas and can be configured via the Customize menu.

backstretch images

From your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance, then Customize to open up the live preview and editor. Scroll down to where it says Front Page Background Images and click the down arrow to reveal the areas where you can upload an image.

The ideal size for images in these areas is 1600 pixels wide and 1050 pixels tall. These are also the dimensions used in the demo, giving you just the right size without overloading your blog.

altitude pro example

The power for customization here is limited only by your imagination. With a multitude of stock photos readily available to use for free, you can create any kind of look to match your personal brand or style. If you’re savvy with a camera, why not snap your own images to truly make it unique.

Flexible widget configurations

What I really love about Altitude Pro is the flexibility the homepage widget areas have. Unlike most widget areas that have a fixed layout, this theme doesn’t which makes it easy to build content into your design without worrying about whether it’s going to look wonky.

widget configurations

The image above (taken from the StudioPress setup guide) demonstrates this flexibility and shows you what look can be achieved, depending on the number of widgets you add to an area.

widgets example

As an example, I set up the Front Page 4 to display a text widget and then 4 featured post widgets, each with a single post displayed. This gives me a layout similar to layout 5. You could always set things up just like the demo, yet with so much flexibility in the layout, there’s no end of interesting combinations you could create.

Made with mobile in mind

These days no theme is worth it’s salt if it isn’t mobile responsive. We all spend much more time browsing websites and blogs on a mobile device than we care to admit, so it makes sense that our sites are optimized to display and adapt to different screen sizes.

altitude pro mobile

Whether you’re using a laptop, notebook, tablet or smartphone, Altitude Pro adapts brilliantly to each of these devices. With the inclusion of big, bold text, large, clear buttons and the power of Parallax at your fingertips, swiping through any website using this theme is a pleasure. I certainly haven’t run into any problems. If anything it’s enhanced the usability of my site and made it easier for users to access.

Further functionality with genesis plugins

While you’ll need the Genesis Framework to get this theme to work on your website, you’ll be buying in to a Framework that’s solid, robust and which utilizes the latest technology. Genesis is my Framework of choice – since purchasing it a few years ago I haven’t looked back and continue to enjoy the perks that come with it.

genesis simple share

As well as being secure and SEO friendly, there’s a wealth of regularly updated plugins you can use with Genesis. A couple I personally use include:

  • Genesis Enews Extended – for capturing emails
  • Genesis Simple Share – for beautiful, lightweight social sharing buttons
  • Simple Social Icons – for displaying buttons to my social profiles
  • Genesis Simple Edits – for making quick changes to things like footer text and post meta
  • Genesis Responsive Slider – for creating seamless sliders in any widget area

All of these only prove to add to the genesis experience, making your site even more manageable and easier to customize.

Take your website higher

Ultimately Altitude Pro has the capacity to take your WordPress website further than ever before. It’s like a hybrid between Parallax Pro and Remobile Pro – using the very best features from each theme to create one, beautiful, clear, easy to use template.

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